Going full Scrum Master

Tales from DTSMA

In a previous post, I described my life as it was then; part-time Developer, part-time Scrum Master. Things change, and I’ve left the development side behind, taking on the role of Scrum Master full-time.

I’m very fortunate to work with two other Scrum Masters who have gone through a similar career change. So we decided to get together to talk about what we thought of the transition - from full-time Developer to full-time Scrum Master. Welcome to “Developers-Turned-Scrum-Masters-Anonymous”…


Currying and Partial Application in F#

Currying is one of those subjects that continually seems to slip out of the back of my brain when I’m not looking. So I figured the best course of action would be to put my reasoning on the subject somewhere more permanent.


Johnny Two Hats

Life as a part-time Scrum Master

I split my time at work between two roles. I’m a Scrum Master for an agile feature team, and I’m also a developer within that same team.

I came to my current company as a simple software developer. But when the Scrum Master role in my team became vacant I stepped forward to take on the role - as a temporary measure. That was around 2 years ago…


Streaming data using Web API

In this post I will be looking at the ways that data streaming (in both directions) can be handled by ASP.Net Web API.


Getting more out of IIS - part 1

I recently attended a great talk on IIS at DevWeek 2014 by Ido Flatow, which discussed a number of the extended features available.

I’ve been using IIS in its various versions for many a year now, and it turns out there was a lot I was missing!

I’ll start with some advanced application pool settings - in a future post I’ll go over some other more general features of IIS itself.